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State License #
AL 0783259
AK 100141923
AZ 1175591
AR 3000074001
CA 0L77229
CO 532851
CT 2551636
DC 3000073987
DE 3000067942
FL L099678
GA 194472
HI 451231
ID 607086
IL 3000078371
IN 3225101
IA 1002287899
KS 813686767-000
KY 948084
LA 724500
ME AGN283495
MD 3000073999
MA 2027441
MI 0112074
MN 40514835
MS 15031165
MO 8409226
MT 3000073992
NE 100264901
NV 3225020
NH 2364248
NJ 1635336
NM 100015168
NY 1475074
NC 1000517981
ND 3000073983
OH 1140517
OK 100287002
OR 3000087663
PA 805968
RI 3000081962
SC 211633
SD 1019526
TN 2359992
TX 2188156
UT 608655
VT 3231259
VA 141432
WA 945321
WV 100239073
WI 3000073996
WY 333377

You understand and acknowledge that (a) the purchase of insurance or other similar products from a particular source is not a condition to the provision of, and will not affect the terms of any loan or extension of credit by RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation (“RoundPoint”) or its affiliates, (b) insurance and other similar products are available through insurance agents not associated with RoundPoint or any of their affiliates, (c) the choice of another insurance provider will not affect a decision relating to, or the terms of, any loan or extension of credit by or its affiliates and (d) you accept and assume full responsibility for the evaluation, selection and suitability of insurance or other similar products.

Insurance products are offered through RoundPoint Mortgage Solutions, LLC, an affiliate of RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation (collectively RoundPoint) (and administered by Covr Financial Technologies). Neither RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation, RoundPoint Mortgage Solutions, LLC, nor any of their affiliates underwrite any policy of insurance. This site is hosted by Covr Financial Technologies. Covr Financial Technologies is not affiliated in any way with RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation, its affiliates, or subsidiaries. Insurance products may not be available in all states. RoundPoint may be compensated by Covr Financial Technologies connection with this program.

Insurance products are sold through COVR Financial Technologies LLC ("Covr"). Covr sells insurance as an agent or broker by contractual agreements with its insurance carrier providers. COVR is licensed in the following states: Delaware (3000067942), Idaho (607086), California (0L77229). All other state license numbers are available here.
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